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BKP Media Group is the leading audio post production and music production company in the middle east.

Established in Dubai media city for 15 years, BKP Media Group has provided the area with award winning
media production solutions.


trusted audio solutions

BKP Media Group has 6 state of the art sound recording studios in Dubai, which are staffed by a full time team of international sound engineers and composers. There is also a department of 5 producers, with comprehensive support staff, for all your IVR solutions, messages on hold, original music composition and sound design, radio commercials plus many other audio services. We are a team of video and audio production professionals across Dubai that aim to deliver the highest in quality and production. Find out why our audio solutions are some of the best in the media production industry.


complete video production services

BKP Media Group has joined forces with Collective to strengthen the video production department across Dubai and now offers a full range of brand content creation support for all platforms – online and offline – from pre production to post production services. CollectiveBKP also offers the entire spectrum of production service support for international companies who wish to shoot films in the UAE.



BKP Media Group’s facilities are located within Dubai UAE, in the heart of Media City. Our scope of video & audio production work spans internationally from the United Kingdom, Europe and the US, to GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain & Kuwait and Asia.  Click here for a location map of our media production offices.


sonic branding

BKP Media Group has created many award winning and unique sonic branding logos / jingles that companies use as an instantly recognisable sign off to their TV and radio commercials, ivr or anything audio or visual. Our list of media production clients include Du, Toshiba, Emirate Airlines, One TV, Mubadala, and Dnata. To see our sonic logo reel click here.


location sound recording services

BKP Media Group is now offering a complete location sound recording service, with fully BBC trained sound recording artists using the latest in location sound recording equipment and technology. Find out more about the location sound recording services our media product specialists provide by clicking here.


music library

In addition to its own in house library of fusion and oriental music, BKP Media Group has arrangements with many of the world’s best suppliers of library music, making it possible to source any style of music for all requirements. Get in touch with us to find out why our music production company has one of the most robust music libraries in the industry.

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BKP Post Production

BKP Media Group is the leading Video & Audio Production Company in the Middle East. Established in Dubai Media City for 15 years, BKP Media Group has 6 state of the art sound studios, staffed by a team of international sound engineers in addition to a department of 5 producers together with comprehensive support staff.

BKP Media Group also has a video post production department, a division dedicated to managing all voice over requirements in many languages, a rights management and music supervision department and a location sound recording department.
BKP Media Group operates mainly in Business Central Towers, in the heart of New Dubai.





happy people

"no point doing something unless you enjoy it" polly | managing director

BKP and the team have been incredibly accommodating with urgent request and last minute additions for our client’s campaigns. Over the time that I have been working with them, I have been able to count them as a dependable resource that Sweetwater can always rely on to get things done. I look forward to working with them well into the future.

Bashar Nizam, Senior Associate

6 years of working with BKP, we've found that 'impossible' isn't in their vocabulary. Time and again, they've met our high standards and surpassed our highest expectations. Every project is handled with consummate professionalism, creative flair and technical excellence, even when faced with the tightest deadlines. Working with BKP makes audio productions a pleasure. Thank you soooooo much for all the hard work you have done for us and I have to admit that I am really enjoying working with you Jojo.

Pami, Bates Pan Gulf, Kuwait

Chris... We LOVE working with you. We actually had to call the client and push the Fox radio spot deadline by 2 days coz u were fully booked and we only wanted you to work on the radio spot. Attaching 2 emails for your reference (1st email with my brief, asking for you.. and the 2nd email with all of us re-scheduling to record with you) Although all my spots are in Arabic, you understand everything and I don’t even have to explain what I want. You’re awesome. If u ever leave, we’re following u wherever u go

Lara Barkouki , Leo Burnett

An absolute pleasure to work with you! You go above and beyond to help us and help our clients deliver to tight deadlines, re-briefs, and crazy requests sometimes! Always with a smile on your face and the most professional attitude ever! So glad you're around... don't know what I would do without you guys!

Rania Account Director TBWA RAAD Abu Dhabi

With my 3 years experience with BKP, I cant say but good things! They always have the best talents, a great team, very supportive, always understanding of short deadlines and urgent jobs! Definitely the best 🙂

Chantal, Partner and Partner

Chris Atkins is my go-to guy in everything radio. He understands exactly what a writer is looking for – the right cues in comedy, the right tension in drama, the right mix in jingles. More than that, his patience and unwavering helpfulness makes audio recording the kind of painless, fun process that lets creatives focus on the idea, not the production. On the music composition side, new composer Joe has helped me give Mirdif City Centre a distinct personality on the radio. With whimsical, fairy tale like musicals, we have spots that not only let our brand stand out, but also add a touch of class to UAE radio.

Michael Fillon, Impact BBDO

Joanne is an audio go-to producer who’s reliability is always been unique. Definitely fits into BKP’s professional spirit

Sarah Abdullah, Leo Burnett

Thank you so much jo - you are by far my favourite person to work with outside of BPG!!!!

Bates Pan Gulf, Kuwait

One thing is for sure, that film would never have been so emotionally engaging without the brilliant score that Matt had composed. That piece of music achieved many things at the same time. It created suspense, it evoked emotions and it recalled both the Arabic and Islamic cultures. And all this through a piece that was a true musical expression of 'less is more'. But what's certain is that with this piece the film became more cinematic, more epic, more of a film.

Moneer Barakat, Film Director

Call it luck or talent! Matt always finds a way to surprise us each time. Love working with him!

Marc Chalhoub

Matt's realization of the musical score for the 'Man Who Gave' gave the film soul, and went a long way in helping us win the MENA Cristal Award on that job. In an increasingly crowded market, Matt and the BKP team are miles ahead and always a pleasure to work with.

Dev Vaswani Executive Producer / Milkshake Media FZ LLX

Well, let me cut to the chase…it’s really quite simple. I cannot imagine recording with anyone else other than Chris at BKP. He is simply the best. His sense of sound goes beyond his technical skills, which makes it so effortless to work with him. Plus, he is very open-minded, which is so refreshing because unlike others, he is always willing to give anything a try and the results never disappoint. BKP is lucky to have him.

Maha Khawaja, Leo Burnett Dubai

It isn't every day that I work on jobs that involve spending time with Barry & Matt and the team@ BKP. And what a shame that is! There is no supplier I personally enjoy working with more than BKP. They are truly professional, work beyond the call of duty and they listen to my often stupid suggestions. So often this day and age, people think they know better and deliver what they think you want to hear. This is not the case with BKP. They are never put out by my sometimes weird suggestions to try something different and will always humor me by fulfilling my requests. Sometimes the outcome even surprises them and they are never too proud to agree if something works. They are always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the next time we will work together.

Daz Jamieson, Creative Director and Producer
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