Original Music Composition

Music composition in advertising is used to affect the perception of the consumers that the company is trying to target by different means and levels. The categories involved in serving the promotional goals of the company include memorability, continuity, entertainment, lyrical language, targeting and authority establishment.

Including award winning in-house composers providing original music composition, BKP Media Group has a network of international composers that cover the best of every musical genre. This is just one reason why our music studios are some of the best in the industry.

We also understand the local culture better than any international music and media production house and have a great relationship with many locally based musicians from all over the region. By choosing us as your music studio and music production company, you will have access to these artists and the original music composition they provide.

Original Music Composition

For Orchestral scores we have access to some of the best Orchestras in Eastern Europe and can record them at incredibly low costs.

We also have access to a large pool of Arabic singers of all genders and ages available on our Arabic voice over website, Vox Arabia. The website is a platform to showcase existing Arabic Voice Overs for casting as well as to attract and encourage new talents. To get voice samples and quotation, please email siti@voxarabia.com or contact +971 4 4483607

Contact our music production company today to find out how you can take advantage of our award winning composers and the original music composition they deliver.

award winning in-house composers