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Seb Vronski 

sebastian vronski | audio engineer

A native of London, Seb’s career of over 15 years has seen chart success in the UK, numerous record deals and high profile dance releases that have showcased his work as a composer, engineer and producer over the years.

Since relocating to the UAE, Seb’s credits include acting as the Supervising Sound Effects editor on the feature film ‘City Of Life’, mixing the music for the Burj Khalifa 2010 New Year Eve fireworks display and a multitude of compositions for many high profile campaigns including Ford Edge, Doritos, Sony, Pepsi, Toshiba and many more.

Musically he pulls from a variety of disparate influences in all genres, with a special focus on contemporary and modern electronic styles including: Ambient, Breakbeat, House and Drum n Bass. This in addition to a long list of credits and experience in commercial sound design within the advertising industry.

In his spare time Seb enjoys working on his own music and using his catalogue for a variety of international library albums and releases.

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