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Polly Gotseva 

polly gotseva | managing director

Polly Gotseva is the Managing Director at BKP. Born in Bulgaria, she began her career as a professional dancer representing her country in several European tours promoting national dance.  After this she moved on to journalism eventually shifting into the position of production controller for the Bulgarian national radio station, Radio Blagoevgrad, where she managed all aspects of production.

Polly oversees everything relating to production as the acting production manager, where over the last several years she has, among many other demands, developed the largest stable of voiceovers in the Middle East in various languages. These efforts have led to the launch of Vox Arabia, a digital portal for regional voiceover talent.

Clearly a woman who likes challenges, Polly conquered her fear of water by becoming an accredited diver in 2010; a pastime she is passionate about. She is also a keen fashion enthusiast, who runs her own fashion blog. The aptly titled: CosmoPolly where she muses on the world of fashion, inspirations and designers of interest.